I’m sitting at my computer with a cup of tea after a particularly exhausting day. Why was it exhausting, you ask? Oh well, you know, just the usual. Running errands, cooking meals, cleaning up (always), three children running around, little minds asking questions. Just the usual circuit that makes life tiring, but oh-so worth living.

These kids.  They make my life.

They also make an enormous pile of laundry.

Do you know what I do when this laundry pile begins to overwhelm? When I realize that I will be doing this same laundry pile for approximately the next 17 years?

I stop and look at them. I may be tired, and I may have goals and aspirations that occasionally go by the wayside, but I will only have them for a little while. Little ones will eventually become big ones, and big laundry piles will eventually become little laundry piles.

Today I have “no time” but one day I will have all the time in the world. So, what do I do with now?


Happy Saturday to you and yours. Enjoy your life right where you are, because now will never be again. The future will be great, I’m sure! But now will never be again.



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    Wow Caila, you have such a beautiful family. Loving the message, we are also trying to take time to remember the *important* things in life. <3

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    Oh, gosh, this is me today… SO tired, not feeling great, need to stop thinking about the never ending to do list! Because you are RIGHT!!! Maybe we can talk soon… I hope you aren’t too busy Saturday afternoon, because I am going to facetime you during GNO!