Do Good, Be Inspired!

Hello friends! Today I am writing to you from a place where old friends and new inspiration meet. An exciting place, indeed! I really have two things to tell you about today. First, I want to introduce to you a new blog that I’m confident you will LOVE.


Couplejones is a lovely and inspiring place to find DIY tutorials, beautiful photography, and encouragement for moms doing the daily grind. This fantastic up-and-coming blog is authored by the talented Jones team–Emily and Zack, a married couple in fact! I love their combined artistic talent, and the fact that they do this thing together. How awesome is that?

Guess what else? We are actually old college friends! Can you believe it? Emily and Zack knew me way back when I was a wide-eyed Sophomore who stayed up till the wee hours of every morning chatting with friends. Emily and I have had the most fun reconnecting in the blog world, and I might as well admit to you all that I started bugging her about starting a blog way back in the Fall. I knew her talents were too bright to hide under a bush!

FREE print by Couplejones available in their shop.

Now those talents are coming out in full force for you on their blog, and through her call to Do Something Good. Not too long ago Emily shared her idea with me for offering a special print for sale and giving all the proceeds to Compassion International. Compassion is a wonderful organization that works to free children and their families from the devastating effects of poverty. She sent me the print in question, and when I saw it I almost fell right out of my chair. Why? Take a look for yourself:

Ohmigosh, it’s a SPACE PRINT with a BLOND BOY standing on the Earth. What?! How on earth did her husband’s artistic talents (Zack drew the original) and her efforts to Do Good coincide so directly with my oldest son’s greatest interest? Space has drawn us all together again!

Couplejones is now offering this Linus Space Print for sale in their shop for only $8. I already bought my copy (TWO in fact, but more about that later!) and I encourage you to head over and make a purchase for a good cause. Perhaps YOU also have a child in your life who loves space? Together we can help to lift other children out of the oppressing hardships of poverty.

(If you’re interested in seeing more prints by Couplejones, they offer some really awesome FREE prints in their shop.)

So now I come to the second part of my post. Today, Emily and I are also announcing our collaboration on an exciting project:

Encourage to Inspire!

You can read Emily’s great introduction about our collaboration here. Basically, we’ve talked a lot about how easy it is to make our online spaces look so perfect while our lives are actually full of imperfect, lovely, chaos. We want to embrace that reality, and the encouragement that comes along with living honest lives in front of each other. That doesn’t necessarily mean sharing my monstrous laundry pile with you here (umm, no thanks), but it does mean sharing my creative process in a way that encourages and inspires you. It means letting people into my life.

As a blogger, I want nothing more than for you to be inspired to step bravely into something new (a sewing project perhaps??) and be encouraged to enjoy the uniquely beautiful lives you’ve each been given. We are each different, we are each beautiful, and we each bring something uniquely valuable to this online creative community.

On Monday, Emily and I will be sharing our first Inspire projects, and WOW they are going to be so fun! Until then, I leave you with a sneak peak of my project. It involves my own blond boy, his great love of space, and a certain print I talked about earlier in this post. You’re getting no more from me today!

See you Monday! Please take a moment to pop on over to Couplejones, browse their beautiful site and be inspired. You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Bloglovin. Thanks for reading! 


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    OH you are SO wonderful friend!! I’m so glad you pushed me to start a blog so many months ago because it’s meant connecting more with awesome people like YOU! Love this! So excited for Monday!

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    That blond boy on the Earth IS Hudson! Right down to the awesome shirt! I love the Encourage To Inspire collaboration. Excited to see it Monday!