DIY Glitter Ornaments and Tea Lights

This post is brought to you by Martha Stewart Crafts. I was provided these products at no cost and am compensated for this review. As is always the case, everything I say here is my own opinion! 

Happy holiday season, everyone! I know I’m springing into Christmas all of a sudden, but you know holiday crafting needs to be done in plenty of time. Plus, it’s just so fun to welcome the Christmas season! Today the kids and I had a lot of fun making glittered glass ornaments and tea lights with Martha Stewart Crafts

Like all kids, my children L-O-V-E decorating for Christmas. I reach my peak as Supermom when I pull out all the glittery decorations. These are some of their favorites: 
This year we decided to make some glittery tea lights and glass ornaments with our Martha Stewart Decoupage and brushes. Throw some glitter in the mix, and you’ve got yourself an afternoon of happy children and the resulting Christmas decorations. (Warning: you may have to clean up glitter for the rest of the week, but it’s worth it. Trust me). 
Glittered Tea Lights

Both crafts are kid friendly and involve only a few simple steps. To make the Glittered Tea Lights, we followed a few easy steps.
SUPPLIES. You will need: 
  • One bag of tea lights
  • Martha Stewart Glossy Decoupage (this stuff is dishwasher safe, btw!)
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage brush
  • Glitter
  • A tray to work on

You can buy Martha Stewart products in your local Michael’s store, or in Plaid’s online store. Martha really does have everything you need to craft favorite treasures for the upcoming holidays, with products that cover all kinds of surfaces. She has glass paint, glass etching supplies, glitter decoupage, jewelry, and the coolest brush sets you’ve ever seen.

Before you get started, I suggest placing your supplies on a tray so cleanup is easier. It also helps to keep the glitter in check if little kids are involved, as mine were. 
Using the Martha Stewart Glossy Decoupage and a Martha Stewart Decoupage brush, paint the outside of the tea lights with decoupage. Hold each tea light between your fingers at the top and bottom to keep the sides free. 

Pour some glitter onto a plate and let your kid (or you can do this part, you know it’s fun!) roll the tea lights in the glitter. Make sure the metal side of each tea light is completely covered in glitter, then put it aside on the tray to dry.

Side note: if you catch your two-year-old eating glitter, stop him, no matter how cute he is.

STEP THREE: Display!
I’ll get to some tips and how-tos for displaying your sparkly goods at the bottom of this post after we cover the glittered glass ornaments. 
Glittered Glass Ornaments
To make the Glittered Glass Ornaments, the steps are almost the same. We used the same supplies, so set up was easy. 
First, brush each ornament with a layer of decoupage. 
Second, instead of rolling the ornament in the glitter as you did with the tea lights, pour the glitter over the ornament until all sides are evenly coated. You may have to use a lot of glitter for this step. 
Make sure you have a plate under the ornament to catch the extra glitter so you can use it for your next craft! Allow your ornaments and tea lights plenty of time to dry before displaying them around the house (1-2 hours should be enough time). 
My daughter really enjoyed making the glass ornaments sparkle. 
Display Your Creations 
Once you’ve made some beautiful ornaments, the key is finding the right way to display them. We love decorating for Christmas early, but our tree won’t be up for awhile yet. In the meantime (or when using little tiny glass ornaments like these) I use an earring holder to display my ornaments.
I just think it’s so pretty, don’t you? This one has perfect holes for hanging the ornaments, and the white sets off the gold and champaign colors. 
Hanging the ornaments is easy. I use standard wire ornament hooks that have been cut in half using a pair of wire cutters. I cut the hooks in half because otherwise, the ornaments hung too low. 

Displaying Tea Lights
The tea lights have a dozen uses in our household. We use them in mason jars or jam jars, on the mantel, inside glass votives. But one of my favorite ways to display these sparkly morsels is on a simple cake stand. Set these up like cupcakes and watch your kids (and guests!) reach for them before taking a second look. 
These will have a place on our Christmas table this year. I can’t wait to see them all lit! How about you? Are you planning any special homemade decorations this year? I’d love to see what you’re making! 

Many thanks again to the team at Martha Stewart for the wonderful supply of goodies, and for sponsoring this post! If you would like to see more amazing holiday decorations by other bloggers on the Martha Stewart Holiday Team, click on the links below. For even more inspiration, you can follow the Martha Stewart Crafts Pinterest Board or Plaid Crafts on Facebook. They also have a great newsletter full of crafty DIYs and inspiration
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    Those turned out great and it looks like the kids had a blast making them. I always love a simple project that is kid friendly and results in something sparkly!

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    OMGoodness, these are just beautiful! Your home looks like a winter wonderland, even if it is a warm climate and there is no prospect of Snow. You have made things look elegant, but that can be made by your sweet Littles, as your S-I-L would say!

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    Well, these creations are very much beautiful and adorable. I personally love to use handmade craft items for decoration and gifting purpose and these shared items are also amazingly beautiful for bringing shine and glow to any living place.

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    These are beautiful! I love that your kids helped you make them and the colors you chose. I think I might be glittering some tea lights this year.