Desert Rose in Arizona Fabrics

DSC01569 (1) copyThis post is going to be a little picture heavy, but I just can’t help it. These photo shoots were some of my very FAVE and I’ve been looking forward to sharing them with you for about a month. Right back at the start of my Desert Rose vision, I contacted the lovely Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics and asked if she would be willing to send me some of the stunning Arizona fabrics for my new pattern release. Is it just me, or doesn’t the Arizona line seem simply MADE for the Desert Rose?! I couldn’t believe it when Pat said YES and AGF shipped me the fabric. Sewing dress samples went into hyperdrive shortly after, and every moment spent sewing with this fabric was heaven. Truly, AGF is some of the best quality quilting cottons I’ve used. The fabric is lightweight and soft, with the perfect amount of structure for a girl’s dress. The Arizona line (though named for a state other than my own) is perfect for a photo shoot in my own desert landscape.

DSC01852 (1) copy (1)It’s important for me to note here that design of the Desert Rose bodice went through some changes after this photo shoot. (See the new neckline and bodice HERE.) One of the biggest difficulties I had during testing was getting the dip in the neckline just right. Before this photo shoot I *thought* I had the neckline right (and therefore sewed the dresses) but afterward came to the conclusion that the scoop was too low. I wanted a dramatically scooped neck, but not so low that little girls (and their mothers and grandmothers) couldn’t feel comfortable. Sure, little girls don’t have curves like women, but it turns out they do have breastbones that can look a little too much like cleavage if not covered up. Let’s just stay clear of that issue, shall we? So, I raised the neckline a full inch on all the sizes, widened the neckline to accommodate the lift, and brought the bottom of the bodice up 3/4″ too keep the empire waist. I know these don’t sound like huge changes, but they were significant. I made new dresses and took new photos for my release post, but I still wanted to show you these because:  No. 1, I love the flower crow, No. 2 These fabrics are so freaking cool I can’t look away.

DSC01950 copy

Under each photo of a new dress is a link to the fabrics I used (mostly from the Arizona line designed by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics) and other details about the outfit. My good friend, Steffanie, made these flower crowns out of real flowers from Trader Joe’s by following this tutorial. Pretty cool, huh? She says it’s not that hard but I don’t believe her yet.

DSC01625 copyDesert Rose dress in Clay Sundot, size 3

DSC01539 copy


DSC01819 (3) copy Desert Rose Dress in Canyon Wall and a navy swiss dot voile from Michael Levine, size 3; Shoes from Old Navy

DSC01778 (1) copy

DSC02106 copyDesert Rose in Agave Field, size 3

DSC01950 (1) copy

DSC01933 (1) copy

Of course, you can see more of these beautiful Arizona fabrics in motion in my Desert Rose release post. Enjoy! If you haven’t bought your pattern yet, be sure to pick it up HERE!



  1. says

    Gorgeous. The fabrics, the dresses and the little model 🙂 I don’t think the neckline is too low in any of these pictures, by the way, I don’t see any problem with it. But maybe it was different when you saw her move? Anyway, love these little dresses. Very cute!

  2. says

    These are all stunning Caila!! I especally love the first one. What a beautiful head wreath and backdrop too:)

  3. Janet says

    I don’t really have any girls to sew for, but girl, this dress is gorgeous! I just bought the pattern and I’ll FIND some girls to make this for. Love it!

  4. Erica Miller says

    LOVING this pattern and this fabric line. Oh my!!
    Quick question: do you have a yardage chart available? To see how much fabric each size requires? Thank you!!

  5. April says

    I’ve bee dying to see these pictures and they are gorgeous!!! Stunning location, adorable model and perfect dresses. I’m in love with the navy Swiss dot version–just perfect!