Cuff your Summer Shorts

Summer is in full swing around here, which means pools and sun and…lots of work on my freelance writing job. 🙂  I’m working hard right now in preparation for an upcoming trip to OREGON (little happy dance), so I don’t have anything brand new for you today. But I do have a little update for my Summer Shorts pattern. Today I’m going to show you how I turn them into cuffed shorts.

The Summer Shorts pattern includes a two lengths: one for hemmed shorts (shown in the tutorial), and one for cuffed shorts.

When I’m making shorts out of quilting cotton I like to use at hem for the bottom. Like for these:

But when I’m using a bottom-weight fabric or something that is the same on both sides, I like to use a cuff. Like I did for these linen shorts:

Or these gray and checkered shorts:

And lastly, on Stryder’s Stand UP pants:

Making cuffed shorts is really easy! In fact, it’s probably self explanatory, but I’ll show you what I do in case you’re interested.

Make Your Summer Shorts into Cuffed Shorts:

First, follow the tutorial to make your shorts, but stop before you hem the bottoms. To create the cuff, fold the raw edge 1/2″ toward the right side and press. Now fold it 1″ or 1.5″ toward the right side again and press.

Now your raw edges should be enclosed. To keep the cuffs in place, stitch along each side seam like this:

And, just like that, you have cuffed shorts! Easy peasy.

Thanks for reading, friends! And don’t forget that Shorts on the Line starts on Sunday, July 1. Maybe you can make your first pair of Summer Shorts for the sew-a-long?! 🙂

Tata for now.