Cotton Summer Shorts

Oh man, I hope you’re not sick of seeing shorts on here. It’s got to get boring after awhile. But for some reason, I’m not bored! I’ve come to the conclusion that…

Shorts are the new skirt!

Shorts are the new skirt for little girls anyway. Abby’s so active that, although she loves skirts, shorts are a better fit for summer play attire. And this way she doesn’t have to wear dresses every single day just to satisfy mommy’s need to see her handmade creations walking around on a live mannequin.

Anyway. Say it with me: Shorts are the new skirt!

Abby’s to the point now where she won’t wear anything but her new pairs of cotton shorts. I call that a wild success for this sewing mamma! This pair is made from quilting cotton and as a result they are SO soft and comfy.

(Don’t you love her hair in this picture? It’s her pre-brush morning hair. I use a lot of spray-in detangler to tame that nest.)

The print I used for these shorts is part of Denise Schmidt‘s awesome line Picnic and Fairground, sold at Joann’s Fabric and Craft stores. If you haven’t sewn with this fabric, I’m telling you, it’s beautiful and  of designer quality. I’m so glad Denise decided to start producing fabric for chain stores as well as independent shops. I love, love, love her designer stuff for independents, but it is such a relief to be able to walk into my local Joann’s and know that if all else fails I can walk out of there with some Denise Schmidt.

If you want to look for this or some of her other lines at Joanne’s, look in the specialty quilting cotton section for the label DS Quilts Collection. I did a quick search on the Joann’s website and found all of these. Beautiful! Adorable! Drool-worthy! And just down the street!

Aaaand, more pictures of Abby…

You may have spotted these shorts in some of our other beach pictures from the weekend.

But wait, there’s more! Here is another pair I made using a print from Sandi Henderson‘s line Meadowsweet 2. I love the colors in this line; so sweet and feminine but also bold and modern.

Can I pause for a moment and tell you something about my little Abby-girl? She has been potty-training for the past week and she is doing so well! No accidents and it is the sweetest thing to see her grow up before my very eyes. We’ve had a lot of fun bonding as the minority in this family of boys. I love my little sweetness so much.

But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my boys (although they haven’t shown up here on the blog in a while. Oops).  I’m working on another pair of shorts like these for Hudson, and boy-oh-boy does Stryder need some new clothes. That boy is growing like crazy! He’s seven months old and he barely fits into size 12mo. He’s going to keep me busy sewing, I can already tell. But you know what? That doesn’t bother me one bit. 🙂

Thanks for reading, friends! Tata for now!


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    The shorts are fantastic! Love them both, but especially the last pair. My girl is all about shorts, too… Guess I’d better stop making dresses and start on some shorts!

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      Hi Carla! So fun to see your comment on here! I am SO excited about Shorts on the Line! I’ll let you know when my tutorial is up. Yay! 🙂