Coming Soon: The Tied Summer Dress

I pulled out this dress for Abby to wear today and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to put the pattern up with a tutorial for you. Honestly, my blogging “to do” list is getting so long it’s impossible to even remember all the projects. Oh well, I guess that’s a good problem!

I came up with this pattern over a year ago when I wanted to make Abby something that was really adorable and light for our hot California summers.

I love this little action shot. You can see her Nike sneakers (which have cut back on her falls, significantly).

Here is the original from January 2011:

Look at Abby’s cute, pudgy little arms in this one:

And more. I tell you, I just can’t stop myself!

Last two pictures, I promise:

And here’s the one Abby wore today, with the fabrics I used in case you’re interested. The blue wildflowers print is available in my shop.

I’ll be working on a tutorial for this dress pattern as soon as I’m settled in our new place. Hope you enjoy the pictures in the mean time! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


  1. says

    love all these versions as well! I think my absolute fav is the floral with green trim (standing by the couch). Oh my! Such cuteness!! When you have time for a tutorial some day, I would love to hear how you created it!

  2. Suzanne brooks says

    I am eagerly awaiting your tutorial for this sweet dress! Thanks so much….