Collar Project Part 2: Draft your own cape pattern

Yesterday, at Clever Charlotte, I promised you a tutorial on how to draft your own cape pattern using Clever Charlotte’s detachable Peter Pan Collar. I’m a little late delivering that promise since the sun is down, but it’s here nonetheless!

The steps for drafting your own cape pattern are very simple. The FREE size 2T cape pattern is available in the original post, but I realize many of you would like to make the cape in a size other than 2T. This tutorial requires some measuring on your part, but I’m confident that even beginning sewists can make a beautiful cape using their own pattern!


You will need:

  • Something to trace on: tracing paper, pattern paper, paper grocery sacks, muslin, or anything you have on hand.
  • A pen, pencil, or tailors chalk.
  • A ruler.
  • Clever Charlotte’s Peter Pan Collar pattern, cut out in the desired size.


Determine the length of your cape. You can measure your girl from her neck to wherever you want the cape to end. Add 1/2 inch to this number. This your cape length. Abby is almost 3, but petite, and I wanted her cape to hit her mid-back. Her cape length was about 19 inches.


Place the collar pattern on your tracing material and trace the neckline, which is the inside curve. Also trace the “FOLD” line.


Use your ruler to extend the FOLD line so that it reaches your cape length. My line was 19 inches long.
Leave your ruler along the fold line, but slide it down so you can use it to trace the front line. Measure your cape length minus two inches from the front of the neckline (where the pen is pointing). (This line on my cape is 19 minus 2 = 17″). Mark the length with a pen. Angle the ruler to draw a line from the front of the neckline to this mark. This line will be slightly angled. This is the front opening of the cape.


Decide how wide you want the cape. The distance from the neckline to the widest point of the cape should be approximately 3-4″ shorter than your back line. On my cape this was 19 minus 5= 15″. Mark this point. This is the “shoulder” width of your cape.


Using the shoulder point and the front and back lines as a reference, draw a curved line. Make it nice and round.

Now mark your fold line in the back. Remember, this cape is cut on the fold, so you don’t want to forget about marking your fold line!

In the original tutorial, I included the tie on the peter pan collar. Alternatively, you can place the tie on the cape itself where you see I’ve marked it above in blue chalk.

Congratulations, you have a cape pattern! Now put it together with Clever Charlotte’s peter pan collar and my tutorial and you’ve got yourself a collared capelet. Whoohoo!

If you make a cape using this tutorial I would LOVE to see your pictures in the CailaMade Flickr group, called All That YOU Have Sewn. There’s nothing in there yet, and I’d love to get this started as a resource for readers. As always, please feel free to contact me with questions.

For other sewing tutorials and some free patterns, take a look here.

I love comments, so don’t hesitate to stop and say hello! Thanks for reading!


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    Your cape turned out soooo adorable! I love that black & white houndstooth with the red. And then put it with your Christmas dress…..well, just beautiful! I have a black & white houndstooth coat in my size that I LOVE. Those pants were a great find! I’m excited to have this pattern for my lil’ gal 🙂