Clutches for Christmas? Yes, please!

So, as you all know, I’m attempting to catch up on all the items I haven’t posted about recently. Right now that means, CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Yes. You thought we were heading into Valentine’s Day and Spring? Not here, we’re not! I still want to show you what I made for Christmas!

The good thing about blogging gifts is that they apply to almost any time of year. Sure, these were Christmas gifts in 2012, but they could also be Valentine’s Day or birthday gifts. If you’re looking for V-day inspiration, this might be a good week for you here at Caila-Made! I have some man-gifts coming up. 🙂

But for today, I have a favorite project for you. It’s my *very favorite* project to date! (yeah, yeah, they all are my favorite. whatever. this one is my most favorite).

Last month, the Fold Over Clutch was making it’s way around the internet as the gift of the season. I totally drank the Kool-Aid and had so much fun making some of these. I used Kristin’s awesome (and simple!) tutorial, paired with Cherie’s fun re-mix.

(Both of these ladies, Kristin from Skirt as Top, and Cherie from You and Mie, are so worth following, if you aren’t already. I la-la-love everything they post!)

With their instructions, and some fun fabrics, I came up with this gift for my sister in law. I almost kept it!

This gift also helped me accomplish one of my goals for 2013: Conquer the Zipper! Yes, until now I’ve been scared to death of these simple little things. I’m embarrassed to even admit it here, but it’s true! Now I can be the one to tell you: there is nothing to be afraid of. Make one of these babies, and you’ll never fear again!

I used a jeans zipper for this clutch, and added a small leather pull. The pull is simply a long, skinny, strip of leather, threaded through the zipper pull and tied. It adds such a fun touch! I can’t get enough of leather these days.

The teal fabric bellow is a fine-whale corduroy from Joanne’s. It looks so perfect with the fun print I used from the top, purchased from Joanne’s.

The lining is a simple canvas, which adds some body to the clutch. The two front fabrics were pretty flimsy, so my hope is that this will make the clutch more sturdy and give it a longer life.

I think it looks so pretty open,

And folded over.

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you’re having a great start to 2013. Hudson started up at school again today, so I’m suffering from some re-entry fatigue. But, I’m sure things will be back to normal around here soon! Ta-ta for now!