Classic Hawaiian Graduation Party!

DSC09481My hubby recently graduated from an RN to BSN program (with honors) and we are soooo excited and proud of him! It’s been a long road, from a bachelor’s degree in something else, to switching to the medical field and nursing. He’s been working as a RN in and ICU for two and a half years now while also finishing up a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and I can’t tell you how proud I am of all the work he’s put into his career and education while also remaining a dedicated husband and father. That is no easy task, my friends. Not easy at all. 

DSC09474Our friends and church have so supportive over the years, so we wanted to celebrate with them as a way of saying “Thank you!” and “Yay, Brian!” My friend Steffanie helped me put together this classic Hawaiian-themed party by turning our home into a living jungle (how hecka awesome are those hanging leaves, btw??). She hung leaves from twine for hours, helped me braid ti leaves into lei garlands, staged pineapples and flowers, and generally wowed me with how much of her time and talent she was willing to share to help me celebrate my husband. That’s a good friend, folks. 

DSC09479For man-centered celebrations, I don’t think it’s possible to do any better than a naked cake. Throw some Snow On The Mountain on the icing (see picture below), or some white lysantheum (top picture) and it’s perfection.



photo 3 photo 3-3


DSC09509 DSC09512



We threw the whole thing together in about a day, and it was a rush but so worth it. I love celebrating great accomplishments, don’t you? For some in-progress photos, see below. And have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by. 

photo 2-4 photo 1-4 photo 1-3Congratulations, my love! We did it!

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  1. Brian Murphy says

    It was a great party! Thanks for all your hard work for it and over the years. Love you babe!

  2. says

    This is fantastic! You ladies outdid yourselves and it is so fun to see the results. A perfect celebration for a man who has worked so hard!