Check me out in Sew-It…Today Magazine!

I’ve been waiting for awhile to share this exciting news with you, and today is finally the day! The reason my blogging was inconsistent over the summer is because most of my free time was designing projects for the magazine, Sew It…Today. The most recent issue has just been released with TWO features by yours truly!

Sew It…Today is a new magazine that features quick and easy stitching projects. First, let me tell you how completely impressed I am with the content of this magazine. Not only am I a fan of my own work (obvsly), but the other projects are truly incredible as well. There are at least three things from the latest issue that I (and my friends who saw the issue) want to make ASAP. If you click on the image above, it will take you to a page where you can order the magazine. It’s a great deal at only $3.99! 
Now, let me tell you what you’ll find from me in Issue #6 (Oct/Nov, currently released). First is the Cool Weather Cover-Up, modeled by my Abby-girl below. This is an easy refashion project and teaches you how to take a long sleeved shirt and turn it into a cardigan for Fall. 
Next, there is my HUMONGOUS diaper bag pattern, modeled after the one I made for myself when Stryder was born. I still use it every day and don’t know what I would do without it. The bag has perfectly functional pockets inside for baby things and is roomy enough for lugging all your kid paraphernalia to play group or the beach. For the price of the magazine, it’s a really great deal. 
Another reason this project rocks? Because I got to play around with Grove Decor fabrics (by Jay-Cyn for Birch fabrics) before they were even released. Perks are awesome!

Look at that little face. Love her in the ruffled version of the cardigan.
Do you want to know what the most satisfying part of this whole process is? Seeing my byline in print. Seeing a photograph in a magazine credited to me. That feels really good, and it also feels a little like home. Although I adore this online world, I received all my college education in print media. Those days feel like they are slipping farther and farther behind, and sometimes it just feels so good to hold paper in my hands. To see my name written in ink on a page. 

I have more projects slated for future issues and I’ll be sure to tell you when they are released. In the mean time, head on over and buy the magazine for my diaper bag pattern and instructions on how to refashion your own kid’s cardigan for Fall. Thank you all for reading!