Celebrate the Boy!

Well, it’s half-way through February and that means it’s time for… CELEBRATE THE BOY!  I am so excited about this month of boy-themed sewing led by my two favorite sewing divas.

I will be participating in Celebrate the Boy as much as I can from my little corner of the world.  First up?  Probably a pair of these pants, by MADE, and second, The 90-minute Shirt, also by MADE.  I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile.

I’ll be posting pics when I’m done! And don’t let me forget to start on those quilts for Brian and Hudson (the Christmas presents that weren’t ready for Christmas, remember?). 🙂

Here’s to the boys!

For easy tutorials and a magnificent amount of modern sewing wisdom, check out Rae’s Celebrate the Boy posts as well as Dana’s. They will both be awesome.