Bye-bye Google Reader, hello future

Oh nooooo! Google Reader is going awayyyyy!
Well, you probably all know by now that Google Reader is going away on Monday. It’s time for a revolution in blog-land, and I figured I should probably write about it in case you are all wondering what the best way is to follow CailaMade after Monday’s GR apocalypse. 

Bloglovin‘: This is quickly becoming the favorite way to follow in the craftying/DIY world. I love how easy it is to find my favorite blogs, and the easy homepage layout. I haven’t heard good things about their smart phone app, though, so beware there. You can follow CailaMade on Bloglovin’ HERE
Subscribe by email: There is a nifty little box about half-way down my sidebar that says “subscribe by email.” If you like receiving posts in your inbox, this is the way to go. My posts go out as emails in the afternoon the day they are posted. 
Facebook: By far my favorite way to follow bloggers is through Facebook. I post on my page about once a day and always share my most recent posts and projects. Sometimes I share cute pictures of the kids, or ask for sewing project advice. This is my favorite way to interact with readers! You can follow CailaMade on Facebook by liking my page HERE
There are a number of other ways to follow your favorite blogs, including Feedly, which I just signed up for and am trying to understand. ha.
But I’d like to know: How do you follow blogs? Do you have any suggestions for the rest of us? I’d also love for you to leave your blog address for me, so I can follow you through Bloglovin’. It’s a perfect time to find new people to follow!
Thanks for checking in on a weekend! I hope you’re all enjoying and beautiful and not-too-hot summer. Unfortunately, we are wilting in 100+ degree weather here, but that’s what the pool is for! Have a great weekend everyone!


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    I confess I still haven’t signed up for a blog reader! I just go down my list of blogs in the morning, clicking each link. I know, that’s so, like, 2005… I am SO going to be that parent who has to ask their kids to help them with whatever new i-thingie!

    Oh, and clicking my name should get you to my blog but if it doesn’t work, it’s

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    In also like Bloglovin’, and Linky Followers. I just found your blog, and am following. I love your blog 🙂