Brief Easter Recap

Easter is past, spring is upon us and I think–I think–I can breath a little easier this week. Last week we had company from Australia, I helped our church in preparation for Easter services, got the sewing machine back out and somehow managed to keep up my running. In addition, Brian managed to hook me on Prison Break, so I am officially a really busy woman. πŸ™‚

Here’s a little preview of the Easter dress I made for Abby. I absolutely LOVE it and it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made. Ever ever ever ever.

Of course, I say that about almost everything. But this time I mean it. πŸ™‚

I used Heather Ross’s Flower Girl Dress pattern from her book, Weekend Sewing, with alterations of course. πŸ™‚ The fabrics are from the line Children At Play by Michael Miller. The lace is from my grandma’s stash and is who-knows-how-old. It added the perfect touch to this dress.

Just look how adorable she is picking up eggs.

Here’s a great picture of all the family, sans me because I was taking the picture. Do you see how Abby and Stryder are looking up at Hudson? So sweet.

And here’s the proof that I was actually there with them on Easter. (Stryder’s missing because he was taking Β nap by this point.) We were at my aunt’s house, and really, isn’t that the most amazing little shed behind us? I wish I had one like it in my backyard.

I’m sorry this post is so short and simple. I wish I could say something about what I’m learning about how to give my children the grace to learn and grow. I wish I could share my struggles over our nighttime routine and how crazy I feel about the fact that solid sleep is not guaranteed in my near future. I wish I could tell you how it’s worth it and about the smell of the air this California spring, and walks to the park, and Abby telling everybody at church, “Ma dress, ma dress! My mommy make it. Pretty!” And her eyes, and her smile and her laughter. Hudson and his big-boyness; Stryder and the sweet way he looks into my eyes, his laughter while I feed him with the spoon. I swear, this boy is going to love food.

But these details are things for another day. They are the making of a life, and I treasure each one. I swear, I’m learning so much in these days as a mother, sometimes I think I’m going to pop. So hopefully I’ll share them with you soon. I also have a couple of sewing projects to share with you: a couple of successes and a couple of failures. Failures aren’t fun, but at least I don’t usually make the same mistakes twice. With sewing, that is. πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Our church hosted a helicopter egg drop after Easter service and the kids went crazy with excitement watching the helicopter drop it’s cargo all over the field. Abby’s been talking about it all day, “Da helicopter! Big helicopter drop eggs!” She and Hudson loved it, and so did we.

Happy Easter to each of you.Β He is risen; He is risen indeed!