Breaking radio silence…

It’s Friday and I’m just now blogging! Where did the week go?! Do you ever have weeks in which everything seems like chaos and you can’t get a single thing accomplished? That was this week for me.

I’m slowly becoming aware of the fact that we have entered a new phase (kid-in-school, mom-working-part-time) and it’s changing life for us. I barely had time to sew this week, and in my book that registers as a CRIME. I know you feel my pain.

So tonight I just wanted to stop in and share a few things. Some are life things, some are sewing. You’re ok with both, right?

1. I suddenly feel the need to start quilting again. Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s because my Instagram feed has been BLOWING UP with quilting pictures. Whatever the cause, I’ve got the bug and I’ve got it bad. Stay tuned on that…

2. I made some completely fabulous flashback skinny tees for Abby this week and I can’t wait to show them to you. If only *someone* would remember to charge the camera battery before the sun sets every evening…

3. I’m kind of glad it’s Friday. This week *real* life really tumbled down on me. My parents are moving out of state, and for those of you who don’t know, that’s kind of a big deal because we’ve been living with them for the past 8 months. We will be renting their house on the lake while they traipse around Oregon enjoying a well-deserved retirement. I feel two things about this: 1) I can finally decorate a HOUSE for Christmas. Watch out neighbors… and 2) There goes all my free babysitting.

To be honest, things are a whirlwind right now which is why I haven’t been posting much. On a daily basis I wear the hats of wife, mommy, daughter, writer, sewist, blogger, friend, church member, sometimes-house-cleaner, and cook. I don’t think I’ve been wearing them very well, so I scaled back this week, enjoyed my family and took my time sewing Christmas projects. YES, I SAID CHRISTMAS (eeeeek!). Hoepfully, you’ll see them soon.

Thanks for checking in here, friends. I know we are all busy and yet I love taking time out to update this space and check in with all of you. I pray you’re enjoying the Thanksgiving season, working yourselves up for turkey and getting your sew on. I should be back in the short term with a couple of catch-up posts (Stryder’s first birthday party, for example, which was weeks ago).

In the meantime, the pictures at the top of this post prove I’m still alive (originally posted on Instagram). If you’re not already, you can follow me on Instagram, @cailamade. (And if you already follow me, I apologize that you’re seeing all these pictures again. BORING.)

Love you all!


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    Your folks are moving to Oregon for the much better weather than SoCal, right? WINK WINK! Well I hope this means YOU can come visit here more often! Take care, girl. Having your own space will be so exciting!

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      Haha! Yes, my mom is wondering how soon she will FREEZE TO DEATH in Sisters. But you know we all love that crazy Oregon weather. 🙂

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    You have some HUGE adjustments you’re making right now!! Everything will fall into place in time. Glad you got to squeeze some sewing time in!

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      Thanks so much, Stef–you are right! I AM making a lot of adjustments right now! That makes me feel better about being a bit of a slacker. 🙂