Bimaa Cowl! {Pattern Review}

Let me start off this AWESOME day by asking you all a question: Have you ever gone through a sewing slump? You know what I mean by sewing slump, right? A time when you weren’t interested in sewing and in the back of your mind you thought, oh dear goodness, please don’t let the magic be gone.
Last week I went through one of my very rare sewing slumps. I was sick and as a result suuuuper tired and I just couldn’t imagine wanting to get out my fabric, wanting to wash it, wanting to pull my brain cells together and conceptualize a sewing project. It was torture. But then there was the Bimaa Sweater! And this awesome leopard print at Jo-ann’s! And all the magic came flooding back in. 
Lucky for me,  the  Emmyloubeedoo Bimaa Sweater pattern tour is rolling through town and I’m the next stop! Since Sarah, the owner and designer behind Emmyloubeedoo Clothing, saved me from a sewing slump I am more than happy to talk about how much I love this pattern.
Let’s see… simple construction, no hems, incredible HUGE cowl to keep cute little necks warm. Yep, this pattern is a keeper. From now on it’s one of my staples. 
Even better, it’ looks pretty great coupled with my first pair of hosh pants, doesn’t it? The hosh pants are another pattern by Emmyloubeedoo with a skinny/slim fit and an adjustable elastic waist. The pattern calls for buttonhole, elastic, you guys! I felt so cool sewing these. The fit on Abby is fantastic, and I’ve already cut out two more pairs for her Fall/Winter wardrobe. I plan on talking about these hosh pants on the blog more tomorrow, so be sure to tune in if you’re interested.
If you’re looking for Fall wardrobe ideas, I highly suggest both the Bimaa Sweater and the Hosh Pants. I don’t often sew cozy clothing or long pants for Abby, but after this, I might just be addicted. I mean, don’t you wish you had a leopard print sweater?? I do!
Just a couple of notes before I leave: 
  • I sewed every seam on the Bimaa sweater with my Serger, but the pattern includes instructions for using a regular sewing machine. 
  • It took almost exactly an hour and a half from cutting the fabric to finishing.
  • This pattern requires knit with a 4-way stretch. If you want the sweater to fit over your child’s head (not like this!), make sure you check the stretch factor. (By the way, you should click that link because the sweater is adorable and what she did to fix it is PERFECTION).  

Be sure to check out the other Bimaa’s on the tour:

Buy your Bimaa pattern HERE and your hosh pants HERE
Happy Sewing! 

These patterns were provided to me free of charge in exchange for a review. As always, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.