Best of Summer with SumosSweetStuff

Hey lovely friends! Are you ready for the first Best of Summer pattern review? I thought so! Today we have the lovely Sumo from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff , and she’s here to talk us all into making adorable little skirts for our girls. If I’m being totally honest, I’d say that’s not hard to do. Twirl skirts on little girls? Yes, please!

Thank you for being here, Sumo!


Hello! I’m Sumo, and I blog over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff.
My mom spent my childhood trying to convince me that I wanted to learn how to sew, but I didn’t get smart and agree with her until about three years ago. I’m mostly self taught, and absolutely love sewing. It’s definitely my favorite creative outlet. I’d take fabric shopping over shoe shopping any day of the week, even if for nothing else but to see it sitting prettily on my shelf. I have three darling little girls that I love creating and sewing for; I can’t seem to stay caught up on my projects for them because I see new ideas of things I want to make all the time. You’ll find a little bit of crafting, and a whole lot of sewing over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff. Some of my favorite projects are my ruffled t-shirt dress, bustle skirt, and cascading ruffle tank. What can I say, with three girls, we’ve got a thing for ruffles over here!
One of my favorite patterns that I use often in many ways is this Scrappy Twirl Skirt pattern from Whimsy Couture. Well, I’m assuming this is the same pattern I have. The original pattern I bought was called the Tiered Skirt, but I don’t see that anywhere in the listings anymore, and this looks very similar in nature!
Skirts are so versatile. You can pair them with any sort of top – tanks, tees, and sweaters in the fall. Warm weather? Throw some sandals on. Cold weather? How about tights and boots. You just really can’t go wrong with a good skirt. And this pattern has been the inspiration and guide for quite a few of my tutorials from my blog. I love a good, full and flowy skirt, and this pattern is exactly that.
This Skirt of Many Colors tutorial from my blog actually looks similar to the listing for this pattern! I used the tiered skirt pattern that I have as my base measurements when creating this beauty.
Skirt of Many Colors - #sewing
The skirt pattern also helped me when coming up with the measurements to make this Bustle Skirt. This is a favorite tutorial of mine – I told you we love ruffles!
Bustle Skirt - #sewing
I actually made two versions of bustle skirts, and this 1st Edition used ruffle fabric. Again, the skirt was a great guide in measurements for me!
Bustle Skirt 1st Edition - #sewing
Skirts don’t always have to stay skirts, though! How about this Twirl Dress? Again, the skirt on the dress was born of the pattern. Awesome, right?
Twirl Dress - #sewing
Talk about a versatile pattern, right?
Caila wanted me to answer some questions about the pattern, so here goes:
1. Why is this one of your favorite summer sewing patterns?

This pattern is quick to put together, and I tend to make things in groups of three, so that is always a plus! It is comfortable and easy for my kids to play in, but still provides lots of cuteness! It’s totally versatile, too; my kids can wear it for playing, but we can also dress it up to go to church!

2. What do you believe is the skill level required? (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Definitely something sewists of all levels could do! I was a beginner when I first started using the pattern, and had great results!
3. What fabrics and/or colors do you suggest for this pattern, this summer?

I’ve only done this pattern in cottons, and it’s been great. It has a nice shape with how full the skirt is. I imagine a knit would be a lot of fun, too! As you can tell from my pictures, I’m a big fan of using bright, bold patterns, so that’s generally a look I go for. But this would also be cute and simple in a denim or khaki.

4. Does your child like this outfit? If so, what does he/she like in particular?

Anything girly is a thumbs up from my girls! They love to dance, love to twirl, and this skirt helps them do both of those things beautifully!
5. How long does it take you to sew?

I would say with cutting time for three of these it would take me a couple of hours. It doesn’t require a lot of piecing together if you just do a straight version!
6. Which size, view, etc. did you sew?

I’ve sewn this pattern in many different sizes as I’ve had babies, and those babies have grown. I’ve loved it in every size! The original version of the pattern that I own is just for a simple skirt in one fabric, so I’ve done that quite a bit. But the scrappy version is also a fun twist on it, and gives you more options! Scrap buster!
Thanks so much for letting me visit today! I hope to see you all over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff! Happy Sewing!