Best of Summer with Skirt As Top!

We are starting off another week of Best of Summer reviews with a bang today, my friends! Our guest this fine day is Kristin of Skirt As Top and I la-la-love the outfit she’s sharing today. Also, make sure you read to the bottom for a 20% coupon, good on all Oliver + S paper patterns! Take it away, Kristin!


hi! i’m kristin and i blog over at skirt as top – mostly about clothes for my kids, but lately i’ve been venturing into sewing more clothes for myself, sometimes quilts, sometimes other stuff. but since kid clothes are my bread and butter, i’m excited to be here talking about my favorite summery girl pattern – the FREE Popover Sundress Pattern by Oliver + S!oliver + s popover sundressI’m approacing this post interview-style with the questions Caila sent me ahead of time, with photos of past popovers plus a current rainbow butterfly one sewn for the series, which you can see more of on my blog today! Click on any image for more info about that item. 1. Why is this one of your favorite summer sewing patterns?

I think it’s just the perfect sun dress for little gals – it reminds me of dresses I wore as a kid, it couldn’t get any more breezy or summery than tie shoulders, and the a-line shape allows for free movement.
rainbow butterfly popover sundress
The simple design also gives you so much room for customization – you can add pockets, change up the trim, lengthen or shorten the ties, add a contrast yoke, make the skirt more a-line, crop it to a tunic, add length if your little gal is tall and skinny…it’s just nice to have a good basic pattern to play with.
lemon popover sundress
It’s a quick sew and a fun one – I’ve made five of them!

2. What do you believe is the skill level required? (beginner, intermediate, advanced) BEGINNER! Definitely beginner. If you can thread your machine and read directions, you can sew this pattern. Do you know how I know that? Because I did it! The popover sundress is the first garment pattern I sewed, all by myself, back in 2009! This is it:popover

The instructions are so well-written, and guided me through how to put together a PDF pattern, how to make and sew bias tape, how to add trim and topstitch…valuable skills I applied to future projects. And did I mention the pattern is FREE? So if you’re not sure if you’ll really like or “get” sewing, it’s nice to try it out before investing too much cash. And if you’ve got some experience, it’s just a fun/quick/easy sew.

popover detail3. What fabrics and/or colors do you suggest for this pattern, this summer? ALL OF THEM! I’ve sewn this pattern in seersucker, vintage sheet, double gauze, linen, corduroy (for those in the southern hemisphere!). Come to think of it, the only fabric it seems I haven’t sewn it in is regular old quilting cotton, though it’d work great with your favorite print there too. Since the dress is simple, you can really let the fabric shine.giraffes in the jungle popover sundress4. Does your child like this outfit? If so, what does he/she like in particular? Ummmm, let’s let the photo do the talking:rainbow butterfly popover sundressYES. She loves rainbows and butterflies and dresses and girly things, so she thinks my most current version of the popover sundress is “pretty!” I think she’ll get a lot of use out of it this summer. 5. How long does it take you to sew? If you’re pretty comfortable sewing, I think it’s a “one naptime” or “one evening” project, especially if you already have the PDF pattern printed and taped together. I started from scratch and made a few things harder on myself (contrast hem, centering the print, making my own bias tape and trim out of scraps) and it still took me just a couple hours.giraffes in the jungle popover sundress (piping detail)If I made a straight up version with my pattern already prepped, it’d probably take an hour or so? A speed trial sounds fun. 😉 6. Which size, view, etc. did you sew? I sewed a size 4, but flared out the skirt and cut the skirt length at 5 (then slashed it to add a contrast hem). I find the pattern runs a bit short, but the width is true. I also flared out the skirt about 1″ to be more a-line. I used my walking foot on the ties and when i topstitched over the trim since the linen is a bit heavy, but with lighter fabrics that’s not necessary.rainbow butterfly popover sundressYou can browse lots of versions of the Popover Sundress here in the Oliver + S flickr pool for more inspiration. And I’ve got more action photos and details about my newest popover sundress over at skirt as top!rainbow butterfly popover sundressthanks so much for having me, Caila!

Thanks so much for sharing, Kristin. That dress is stunning!
You guys want to know a fun fact? Kristin is the first blogger friend I ever met in person, and it was just over a year ago. I can’t believe how fast the year has flown by! Hopefully, we’ll get to do it again sometime soon. 
Oh yeah, I don’t want to forget about that coupon I promised you! Oliver + S is offering a 20% off coupon, good on all paper patterns, to the readers of CailaMade. Use the code BOSS20 when you check out to receive the discount. 
And can we all now applaud their brilliance in choosing that coupon code? Even Oliver + S is embracing the #BOSS! Let’s keep the hashtag going! Thanks for reading. Love you guys! 


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    Oh my gosh tiny chubby EM!!!!! Why have I still not made one of these for Elsie? Thanks K for the reminder, I LOVE your newest version. And all the old ones. Let’s hang out. Bye. (And hi Caila!)

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    It is a great pattern. I made three last summer! Just remember to use bias on the armholes for a nice fit