Best of Summer with JoJo and Eloise!

It’s Friday, which means this is the final day of Best of Summer! I am so excited about the treat we have today. Angelina of Jojo and Eloise is joining us, sharing her beautiful and breezy Straight Cut skirt. I can’t get enough of these pictures, Angelina! As usual, they are gorgeous and inspiring. Be sure to connect with JoJo and Eloise, as they are currently working on a new website which is sure to be incredible!
Hello Caila Made Fans and Readers! My name is Angelina and I can be found blogging over at JoJo and Eloise.
I was so thrilled when Caila asked me to be a part of the Best of Summer, Series. I love her style and she just seems so Naturally SWEET and Genuine. I am so bummed I wasn’t able to make it to the L.A. shopping trip, it would have been so fun to meet her in person. But maybe someday I we will get the chance to meet up!
It has been such a CRAZY month as we get ready to launch a New Web Site. Which, be sure to get connected with me, because it’s going to be AWESOME!!
I haven’t been sewing much these days! The little bit of sewing that I am doing, I find myself falling back to a VERY simple and easy skirt that my girls like me to make for them.
It’s a basic Straight Cut, Skirt Pattern.
There is NO rocket science involved and it can easily be made for the first time to intermediate sewer.
These Skirts that my girls are wearing, have to be there most Favorite ones.
Whether it’s going to Target or Simply playing outside, they are always asking to wear them.
Probably because like any little or even BIG girl, there is so much FUN and GLAMOR in getting all dressed up.
I used the same basic, Straight Cut concept and just added a layer of, Lace Netting Fabric over it .
It’s AMAZING what a little Lace can do.
You can find more instructions on how to Cut and Sew a Straight Cut Skirt HERE with this Vintage Ribbon Skirt.
As well as HERE with this Layered Skirt Tutorial.
Spring, Skirt, Rainbow,tiered skirt, girls
The options and styles are really ENDLESS!
So I hope you’ll give it a try and have fun creating your, Straight Cut Skirt.
Thank you so much, Caila for having me. It’s been FUN!
Have a WONDERFUL and COOL summer!

       Oh my goodness, Angelina. These skirts take my breath away. Abby would love ALL of them! 

I hope everyone feels inspired! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the results of last weekend’s Pattern Giveaway AND the chance to sign up for our final giveaway. This one’s going to involve more winners, so you don’t want to miss it!