Best of Summer with CoupleJones!

We have another super fun sewing pattern review for you today, as part of the Best of Summer series! This is truly a special one for me, as Emily from CoupleJones is an old college friend of mine. It’s kind of funny to think that she knew me back when we were hanging out with college friends at music nights and drinking hot chocolate with coffee, calling it a “poor man’s mocha.” Seriously, I am so much cooler now. Yeah, right! I wish.
Fun fact: Emily married one of those college guys and now partners with him in running their creative blog, CoupleJones. Welcome, Emily!


Hello! My name is Emily. My husband and I post our projects and art at I am so excited to share with you today. For my review, I really wanted to give an example of how you can go to your local fabric store and find everything you need to make something you love. CJ135 I found everything I used for this project at my local Joann’s. The pattern I used was Simplicity New Look 6205 in sizes 3-8. When you look for a pattern, it doesn’t matter what the example looks like as long as you like the basic shape of the dress. I LOVED the neckline of this dress. It felt vintage and classic to me. I chose to use Sew Classics Linen-Linen Look fabric in Natural so that it was easy to work with and had the same drape of linen but easier care instructions for washing and a price that was better for my budget. CoupleJones1 I was really impressed with this pattern because there was a great glossary of terms and extensive directions making it a good dress for beginners. I love to find simple patterns that are quick to pull together and then make them special with my own details…it feels more adventurous. I dip dyed the skirt of this dress with RIT Dye in Royal Blue (also purchased from Joann’s) and then added my own embroidery at the neckline. The dress only took a few hours (spread out over a day or so because of interruptions from the little ones) to complete, although the hand embroidery took me a while longer. I wasn’t originally thinking I’d make it so elaborate but I got into it! It was a fun little project to work on while we watched a movie one night or sat on the deck. CoupleJones3(headband from JustDawnelle) I am in love with this pattern and already have plans to use it again with a fun print I have in my stash! If you have questions about beginning sewing, Caila is an awesome resource and I would also LOVE to answer your questions – Pop over to today for some more quick tips on beginning sewing!


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    I love the dip-dye technique. I actually bought some rit dye a while ago with every intention of using it for dip-dyeing but I’ve been to afraid to try it so far.

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      Jennifer you should totally try it out! This was my first time trying it too and it was so easy! Just make sure to wash your fabrics first so that any chemicals on the fabric will be gone and the dye will absorb evenly! 🙂 Emily

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    Such a beautiful dress, I love how the simplicity of the dress really sets off the beautiful embroidery. Great job!

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    WOW I love this! Beautiful embroidery and dip dying too! Love that saturated dyed hem look; I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while. Seems so summery.