Best of Summer with Alida Makes!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is day five of the Best of Summer series and we have the dynamic Alida from Alida Makes with us, sharing her favorite pattern for summer sewing. I wish I could meet this girl in person, because she is! If you haven’t visited her at Alida Makes yet, get over there now and start reading. You’ll love her just like I do. Thanks so much for being here, Alida! 


Hey y’all!  I’m excited to share with you my favorite pattern for Summer 2013…

I know, it’s a boy’s pattern, but let me tell you Charlotte LOVES her board shorts.  Gabe loves his too, don’t get me wrong, but Charlotte has never had board shorts before, and she thinks they are the greatest thing I’ve ever made her.  

I think it must be freeing not to have half her booty hanging out.  Girls’
 suits have gotten so skimpy!  Now I will have to make some for the 2 younger girls

This pattern, as with every Blank Slate Pattern I’ve ever used, was very easy to follow.  It’s great for the confident beginner.  It calls for board shorts material, but that was a little hard to find, so I used some PUL that I found at Joann’s.  Yes, cloth diaper material.  We went to the river to make sure they worked as swim trunks and they worked great!  I used store-bought bias tape this time, but next time I think I’d like to make my own with a fun patterned fabric.

Each pair of shorts took me about an hour and a half to complete.  There is an option for a mesh insert, and I felt super cool sewing it in.  It looks so professional!  Charlotte’s does not have the mesh, btw.

I think this pattern is excellent and I will definitely be using it many more times.  Thanks for reading and come visit me at Alida Makes for more rockin’ kids clothes!


Ohmigoodness, don’t you guys love the idea of sewing these board shorts for a girl? I’m already imagining all the fun I could have with a pair for Abby (you guys know her and PINK). Alida, thank you so much for sharing this review! I know it’s a great pattern, because I’ve made Hudson a pair and they are hands down, his favorite item of clothing I’ve ever sewn. Ever. 

Thanks for reading friends! I’ll be back a bit later today with a recap of the extraordinary Fabric Weekend 2013 I attended last weekend. My head is spinning with everything I want to share. It’s coming soon, I promise. Until then, friends!