Begin at the beginning…

…the King said gravely, “And then go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

She was still such a wee girl here,
 at six months. Dress is Caila-made.
Photo by Melissa Murphy.

The beginning for this blog really begins with my little Abby-girl. She is quite a little princess, with rosy cheeks, blue eyes and fluffy blond hair. An inspiration through-and-through. Fifteen months ago, when an ultra-sound revealed I was having a baby girl, something changed in me and I just HAD to sew her something. With my own two hands. Out of fabric. By myself.

The first little something was a baby quilt. And, quite by accident, a really difficult one. But I conquered and went on to bigger and better (read: easier) sewing projects and have finally arrived here, in a state of full sewing/fabric obsession.

My most consistent sources of inspiration are sewing blogs. (Two of my favorites are Made and Made by Rae–thanks ladies!). After a year of reading, sewing and learning, I’ve decided to share some of my progress.

But, where to start? I guess the White King’s advice (from Alice In Wonderland) is as good as any: “Begin at the beginning, and then go on till you come to the end: then stop.” So non-sensically sensible.

I don’t know exactly what this sewing blog will be, or what it will become. I’ll just begin at the beginning, and when I come to the end–well, then I guess I’ll stop.