Because what does it matter if the inside isn’t pretty?

I’m over at Sacred Mundane today friends. Would you join me there? Thanks for visiting!

I don’t know why, but Sunday mornings are always difficult for our family.  Getting the five of us up, fed, clean, dressed and out the door requires creativity and management skills beyond anything I was ever taught in college.  Throw in all the paraphernalia that comes along with babies—diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, baby sling, blankets, etc.—and we look like a three ring circus.

Most Sundays we are a little late to church. Every Sunday I’m a lot frustrated.

Around seven, the alarm goes off (he’s a six-month-old roly-poly blonde) and I roll out of bed. Another Sunday and today it’s going to be different. Today I’ll shower first so I can get all the kids ready after they eat. We’ll get to church early because it’s the Spring Picnic and there will be a lot of guests to meet. And I can’t forget sunscreen…and hats…and chairs…and…