Because of him

We all have at least one person in our lives who makes us want to work harder. Be a better person. Give more to life.

This is my person.

He’s my man. His name is Brian and he takes care of us in more than one way. This week is National Nurses Week, and guess what? Yep, he’s a Nurse.

As an ICU nurse he spends his days standing in the gap between life and death. Meds, wires, tubes, charts. These make up his days at work.

Legos, diapers, bottles, laundry, laughter, life, love. These make up his life at home.

He does both well.

Today, as part of National Nurses week, I want to publicly thank him.

  • Thank you for working so hard so all FIVE of us are provided for.
  • Thank you for working while you finished nursing school so that I could stay home with our kids.
  • Thank you for your patience with me when life feels hard.
  • Thank you for getting in the trenches with me and fully participating in all the “kid stuff” our life has to offer.
  • Thank you for taking the kids in the pool every single day, and loving it.
  • Thank you for getting up with Abby in the middle of the night.
  • Thank you for loving me still, and making me feel beautiful every day.
  • Thank you for valuing the most important things.
  • Thank you for wanting to live a simple life, with us.
  • Thank you for the confidence you give me, knowing that I can completely rest in your love and faithfulness.

Because you work so hard at what you do, I want to work hard at what I do. 
And be the best I can be. 
Love you the most I can love. 

“If it’s half as good as the half we’ve known, here’s ‘Hail!’ to the rest of the road.”

I love you, babe. Happy National Nurses Week. 🙂

*Special thanks for our siblings, Kyle, and Melissa, for these pictures. In the interest of full discloser, none of these were taken recently. I think they were all taken sometime in the span between 2009 and Christmas of 2011.


  1. Anonymous says

    You have a wonderful family, Caila !!!! SO Wonderful !!!
    Greetings, Miriam from Germany