Back to School {Back to Blogging}

In two days something unbelievable is going to happen. My oldest is going to kindergarten.

Do you know what this means? This means, not only is he now a school boy–I am now a school boy’s mother. Holy cow, I’m going to have a kid in school!

Hold on a moment… the world just tilted a little bit.

When Hudson was just six months old I remember bursting into tears because one day he was going to leave for college. Brian smiled and reminded me, Honey, he’sΒ just a baby!Β Even kindergarten is a long way off.

But here we are in 2012 and kindergarten is just two days away. How am I handling it? I’d say I’m somewhere between panicked and excited. New things are coming and they are good things, but there’s no use denying that some things are going to change.

A week ago I had a momentary crisis while I lay in bed, thinking about Hudson going to school. It went something like this:

Oh my gosh, he going to school. He’s going to public school.
Are we doing the right thing?
All his friends are going to the charter school, but he’s going to public. Will he feel left out?
Will the teacher be nice?
Will he become a different child?
Will he learn BAD WORDS?
Will our relationship change?
Will I cry on the first day??!

Things all mothers wonder about before their first child starts school. On the other hand, I’m also excited for him to:

  • Make new friends
  • Have new experiences he can share with us
  • Learn from someone new
  • Begin learning about the world outside our family
  • Adapt to new circumstances
  • Stretch his wings

I remember going off on a school bus in England when I was only 4 years old. Us little ones gathered on the bus early in the crisp morning air and waved goodbye to our mothers through the school bus windows. That was 27 years ago. Now Hudson is about to do the same (except, not on a bus) and he’s a whole year older than I was then. I think he’s going to have a fabulous time.

This weekend we had fun celebrating his kindergartener status. My mother-in-law brought some awesome back-to-school cupcakes, we ate pizza, and hung Hudson’s name banner.* I think it made the back to school season really special for Hudson who kept calling it his, “special celebration.”

He starts school on Wednesday, and NEVER FEAR, I will have pictures for you of his first day of school. He might even wear something made by mommy. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, friends! Do any of you have stories of your child’s first day of school? Are you sending your baby to school for the first time this fall? I’d love to hear from you!

And on the Back to Blogging front: I’m back to a regular blogging schedule, hooray! Thank you for sticking with me over a long and crazy summer. I can’t deny, I’m looking forward to a *hopefully* not so busy fall. Or, if it is busy, let’s hope it’s busy with SEWING, right? πŸ˜‰


  1. says

    I’ve already had that ‘my baby is going to be off to kindergarten before I know it!?’ moment. This is yet another sweet reminder to cherish the baby moments now, but look forward to celebrating the beginning of a new season when it comes. It is our job, after all, to grow these littles and work ourselves out of a job as they become more independent, isn’t it? I’m asking God to help me celebrate the growth and independence instead of grieving it – already, it’s been a crossroads many times. So excited for you guys, and for Hudson – will be praying that he thrives in the school you’ve decided to put him in and that you will have a special celebration for yourself as well. This marks 5 great years of mommy-hood and you are doing a fabulous job thus far! πŸ™‚

  2. says

    My baby isn’t even here yet I am a already having the “he’s growing up so fast” blues. πŸ˜‰ I foresee many, many dialogues about this in the future, my friends.
    I love the idea of a beginning of school celebration!! The thought had not never crossed my mind. I know there’s the typical back to school shopping (though growing up, mom mostly did back to school sewing- As i plan to, as much as I can get away with) and the 1st day of school pics, but a celebration with cupcakes and pizza- makes it seem more like a rite of passage! I love it! And I think it’s great for us mommy’s too, focusing on the celebrate of all the Lord is doing in our children, rather than grieving how fast they are growing up. Love you Friend, praying that this is a sweet season for you and I can’t wait to hear all about Hudson’s school adventures (hey, that might be a great book! πŸ˜‰

  3. Ginette Diaz says

    It sometimes feels like you are in me head πŸ™‚ Well, after all we do have a boy the same age (an they are great friends too!) and that means will be walking some milestones, worries, etc. together. Which is so great! I love the idea of having a back to school celebration and I will borrow it. Ian could use a little excitement for the back to school since he is not very thrilled about changing schools, he liked his pre-school. I’ve tried every trick in the book “but you are now going to big boy school”, “you are going to make new friends” etc, but he is still not excited. Hopefully this will help. I know Hudson will have a great time and he is an amazing little boy. His parents have been doing an amazing job raising him and that will help him so much whenever he has to make his choices.

  4. says

    The celebration was a terrific idea, and we all had a terrific time! The unknown can be daunting, but celebrating with loved ones cheering is a great way to pad the launch. Way to go, Hudson, and Three Cheers!!

  5. says

    These are the same exact worries I have with my little gal, starting pre-K! I know she’ll love school but I’m so worried I’ll lose her to the “big old world out there!” I have another few weeks to prepare myself, though. Hugs to you, mama.

  6. says

    Goodness, I looked in my reader and thought… WHAT!? Caila has 3 blog posts… where the HECK have I been!? Apparently my own blog break has been truly a break! I can’t even imagine 3 years from now sending my baby off to school. This mommy may need to stop hyperventilating at the far away thought of it! You will have to help me! haha!