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The following review is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft Stores® National Craft Month campaign. I received compensation for this review; however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience. 
We are thoroughly into Spring now, and I think that calls for celebration! We’ve been enjoying warm weather for awhile which means the kids are even blonder, I’m sunburned, and we’ve been adding brighter colors to our house, starting with this Spring banner my kids made. Isn’t it fun? Abby was so excited to share it with you!

DSC03489 (2)

Here’s the story. Last month (March) was craft month and Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores was nice enough to send us a gift certificate to celebrate, so I took the kids for a shopping trip and let them pick out new craft supplies. (Check out the Jo-Ann Spring inspiration catalogue, by the way. It’s full of inspiration!) While we were in the Kids & Teachers section, Abby found this great pennant banner kit with 10  flags precut from white card stock and a ribbon for hanging. She wanted to make a “banner to welcome in the Spring!” so we tossed the kit into the cart along with some rolling paints and five colors of ribbon, and headed home for some crafting.DSC03534

I want to make it really clear (I promised her) that Abby and Stryder made this banner by themselves. Sure, I helped to string the ribbon through the slits in the card stock and helped them tie the ribbon, but otherwise this is a kid’s project all the way. Two reasons I love it: 1) my kids love crafts and this kept them busy for half an hour, and 2) it’s a great way to celebrate their artwork in a unique way. To make your own artwork banner, follow the quick and easy instructions below. I used a precut banner kit from Jo-Ann but you can recreate this project using triangles cut from card stock (or your kids’ artwork), and a long piece of ribbon for hanging the triangles.

DSC03620 (1)


  • Banner kit from my local Jo-Ann store (unfortunately, I cannot find this product in their online store, but you could look in the Kids & Teachers section of your local store).
  • Roll It paints
  • Ribbon in five colors


1. Give your kids the Roll It paints and let them decorate the pennants. Abby came up with a swirly design that she really liked and stuck with it through each one.

DSC03361 DSC03371

DSC03365 DSC03376 DSC03381 DSC03386 DSC03387

2. Let the pennants dry thoroughly on the counter, or somewhere out of reach for little hands. This took a couple of hours for ours, since the kids used a liberal amount of paint.

DSC03409 DSC034083. If you are using the kit from Jo-Ann’s, you’ll notice that each pennant has a slit in each upper corner. Thread the white ribbon through each of these slits to hang the pennants as a banner. If you are creating your own triangle pennants from children’s artwork or card stock, simply cut a small slit in both upper corners of each pennant.

Once your pennants are strung, cut lengths of colorful ribbon to tie in between each triangle. I used five different colors and alternated them along the banner. I just love the way the hanging ribbons look in between each pennant!


Hang the banner in a happy place and watch your kids dance around, celebrating Spring! Thank you so much for reading, and thank you to Jo-Ann’s for the opportunity to make another great craft with your products! My kids love them.

DSC03707 (3)

I’d like to know how YOU are celebrating Spring? Are you spending a lot of time outdoors? Planting a garden, perhaps, or going on nature walks? We love seeing all the new growth in our yard. Not many things sleep during our winters here in Southern California, but Spring is still spectacular and I love watching it arrive every year.


My last little announcement before I go is that the dress you see in these pictures is my very first sewing pattern, scheduled for release in May. Eeep! It’s being graded into multiple sizes right now and I’m about to begin calling for testers. If you would be interested in testing the dress pattern for me, would you please send me an email at with the subject “Desert Rose pattern testing”? I’m looking for two testers per size (the range is 6-12 months through 8) and would like to get a general gauge of interest. You’ll see more pictures of the dress soon. I’m so excited to show you!

DSC03590 DSC03612 DSC03578 DSC03667 (2)

In the meantime, have a fabulous day! 



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    This banner is perfect for welcoming in the Spring! The kids know they created it and that makes it truly ‘theirs’. The dress is adorable, and Abby did such a good job of showing it to us!