Arrow Shirt Tutorial!

Hudson has been asking me to sew him more clothes lately, probably feeling that the level of girl-sewing in this household is to high. So, over the weekend I obliged and made him this cool and quick Arrow Shirt. It’s a great back-to-school project!
This hand-made shirt was looking for a second life. I made it for him a couple months ago using the Banyan Shirt pattern by Figgy’s and two extra large t-shirts from Target for the two-tone look. You would have seen it here earlier except that I had a major disaster trying a different technique and the shirt has been in my “fix it” pile waiting for a second life ever since. 
When I saw this feather fabric for sale at Hawthorne Threads I bought some right away and found a way to save the shirt. Yay! I just love salvaging ruined projects. 

Here are some simple instructions for making your own Arrow Shirt!
  • Knit shirt, either self-made or store bought. 
  • A piece of cotton fabric measuring 8″ by 6″
  • Wonder Under by Pellon
First, prepare the arrow:
  1. Cut one piece of cotton fabric 8″ by 6″.
  2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise.
  3. Make an angled cut on the top and bottom. Make sure these are equal.
  4. Open the fabric. You have an arrow! 

Next, use your fabric arrow to cut a piece of Wonder Under in the exact same shape. 
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the Wonder Under to the back side of your fabric arrow with a hot iron. Make sure the Wonder Under is stuck on there good, and then remove the paper backing. 

Find the correct placement for the arrow on the t-shirt and iron it on. Make sure it’s CENTERED. (An off center arrow would really suck, huh?).

Set your machine to a small zig zag stitch. The perfect setting on my Janome sewing machine turned out to be a zig zag width of 1.5 and a stitch length of 1.0. 
Practice on a scrap piece of fabric and find the settings that are perfect for your machine. 

Start at a corner and begin encasing the arrow’s raw edge with zig zag stitches. I didn’t want the arrow to look embroidered or anything, so I kept the stitch length at 1.0. This way the edge still looks a little bit rough and boy-ish, rather than covered in a satin stitch.

To help keep your stitches straight, find a line on the presser foot and align it with the arrow’s edge. Keep your eye on the presser foot rather than needle while you sew.

Stitch all the way around the arrow and knot off the thread when finished. Iron the shirt again to remove any waves in the fabric that occurred during stitching. You’re done! 

Here’s a closeup of my zig zag stitches, in case you’re wondering. I didn’t want them to be visible while my son was actually wearing the shirt, so they are teeny tiny.

Handsome boy in an arrow shirt!
It’s a fun, modern look. Don’t you think? 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below! I love to answer questions. 🙂

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Thanks for reading. Goodbye for now! 

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