Announcing Knock It Off!

Hello friends! Sorry for my one-week absence from this blog! After posting every day for two weeks during the Best of Fall pattern review series I was a little tired, so I took some time off. I wish I could tell you that I did things to sooth my soul, like sleep a lot or read a good book. Instead, I spent almost the whole time sewing Halloween costumes. I’m editing the AWESOME photos of said costumes now and will *hopefully* have them up here sometime on Saturday.

But anyway. That’s not what I’m supposed to be talking about! I’m very excited to announce an exciting new series going on at Elegance & Elephants called Knock It Off.

Have you ever seen an outfit in the store and said, “I could make that,” or “I wish I could make that?” Well, this series is about just that–knocking off a look, a garment or an accessory–and sharing how it was done. I’m thrilled to be participating in the series, and you can look forward to my post on November 9th. What am I going to sew? I don’t even know yet! This weekend will be filled with knock-it-off sewing, and I am so excited even though I don’t know exactly what I’l be sewing yet.

I’m so glad Heidi came up with the idea for this series, because seriously, isn’t it the very thing we’ve all been waiting for?? I can’t wait to see what the rest of her guests come up with. All childrenswear…all knock offs…all November!

Don’t miss Heidi’s first Knock it Off post, and remember to follow along with the series. You can post pictures of your own knocked-off outfits in the Flickr Pool:

Elegance & Elephants

I hope to see you all joining in! For now, have a great night and I’ll “talk” to you all tomorrow. Cheers! 


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    yay! Looking forward to it! Someone posted a boys long sleeve & pant onesie (Romber) on your fall inspiration board, I’d love it if someone would do a knock off of it!!