Alt Summer Classes

Hello friends! If you’re a part of the blogging/sewing/design world then I’m sure you already know all about Alt Design summit and their awesome schedule of online classes. I took my first one last month and it was a fun, wonderful experience full of all kinds of awesome.

The class I took was called, “Bringing Home the Bacon when Your Blog Isn’t Huge,” taught by Melanie Blogett from You Are My Fave. Possibly my fave thing I took from her class was the link to her blog! Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful and inspiring and makes me wish to goodness I’d had baby announcements like these.

But seriously, beyond the awesomeness of her blog, the class was very helpful and Melanie was a great teacher. I’ve been itching to take another class since, and the lineup for July is now available. Full disclosure: I get two free classes in July for talking about Alt on my blog. But don’t worry! I mean every word of what I’ve said.

If you are a blogger who is passionate about what you do, and who is looking for advice on blogging or design, Alt is the place to go. You can check out theirĀ lineup of July classes on the Alt channel. If you take one, we might just be classmates!

Thanks for reading, friends! And thanks to Bing for making the July class-givaway possible. Alt rocks!