All That I Have Sown {Week 16}

For those of you who are new to CailaMade, on the weekends I usually try to post a list of all the things I’m thankful for in the past week. I call this “All that I have SOWN,” because whereas during the week you are usually seeing what I have SEWN, these posts are about the life my family and I are sowing and growing together. Last week you read about the contents of our clothes. This post is about the content of our lives.

Last summer, when I turned 30, I decided to stop wasting my time by wishing things in my life were different. My husband was in Nursing School at the time, studying to be an RN, but he was also working full time. Oh, and on top of that we had two kids and a third on the way and I was pregnant and hot and tired and wondering, when will life get better? This is not the way I wanted life to feel. This is hard!

But something changed and I realized that nothing in my life is without value unless I let it be without value. The hard times, those are lessons learned. They help you enjoy the good times. And the good times, those are divine gifts. I will not waste my life by complaining. Gratitude takes discontent and turns it on its head. Gratitude turns the backside of the tapestry over to reveal a beautiful picture on the front. Gratitude turns life into something sacred.

I only have one life and I am going to enjoy every single second of it until I take my last breath. So there.

Here is my list for last week.

Blue pool water
Taste of salt water in my mouth
Enveloped in cool
Water splashing
Kids laughing
Husband lounging
Jumping in with Hudson
Glee on his face
Family together
Mother’s Day
My mum
My Teri-mom
My sister (ok, she’s my sister in law but those are just words. She’s my SISTER.)
My brother’s laugh
Hudson playing with Uncle Kyle
Abby jumping in her crib, yelling “Yay, Kyle! Yay, Kyle!” when Uncle Kyle arrive
Family pictures
Brian’s three shifts in a row over
Enjoying the weekend with him home
Teri-mom’s graduation
Lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen
BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad!
Running five miles (about to go run out the door and do six!)
New camera!
Husband so excited about the camera!
I am so excited about the camera!
Baby clapping
Baby crawling
Baby playing
Sophie the giraffe in Stryder’s hands
A fun day with family ahead
New skirts
Never bored
This list
You, for reading