All That I Have Sown {Week 11}

“They were our garden and our home…and all that I have sown.”
Bebo Norman, All That I Have Sown
  • Feeling a little more settled
  • Waking up to sunshine and the lake
  • Running 3.5 miles again. Still starting up, but it’s beginning to feel better.
  • Grandparents who spend time with the kids when they wake up TOO early on a Saturday morning. 
  • An afternoon spent with Hudson. The bookstore, dinner, fountains, music, fun. He is so much fun to be around and he loved going on our “first date” as he called it. 
  • Lounging in my parent’s hot tub
  • Walks around the lake. The kids saying, “Quack, quack!” whenever they see birds of any kind. 
  • Picnics by the lake
  • Parks
  • Abby climbing so high
  • Waking up early to the smell of coffee
  • A little baby face to snuggle
  • Little hands around my finger
  • Baby breath
  • Looking into my girl’s bright eyes
  • Playing out on the back patio
  • Running water, as much as I could ever need 
  • Learning to be REAListic about beauty
  • God working; be a part of His work
  • Half the Sky
  • My beautiful little family; their love for me
  • My love for them
  • Safety
  • Enough
  • Hope