A Tinkerbell Halloween

Halloween was ten days ago, so am waaaay behind the curve here. Everyone else is moving onto to Christmas sewing, but I still need to plug away on some remaining fall projects before I tackle the tinsel.

Two out of Abby’s three Halloweens have seen her dressed as the same Disney character: Tinkerbell. I don’t know if it’s Tink’s little shoes, the blond pony tail or her pixy ways, but Abby LOVES her. I wanted to make Abby a mermaid costume this year, but no, she had to be Tinkerbell.

Maybe Abby has it right. After all, she does look a lot like Tinkerbell. Only cuter, of course. (And between you and me, she certainly has a Tinkerbell temper sometimes. We are working on that).

Anyway, just like with Hudson’s Shark costume, I think my satisfaction with sewing Halloween costumes is all wrapped up in how my children receive them. I love the challenge of any new project, but more even more exciting is making something my children really love. Something that actually means something to them. I think it’s a nice break from sewing what I want to sew all the time.

Maybe I should talk about the actual sewing! Believe it or not, both pieces of this costume–the dress and the jacket–were made using the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern by Made by Rae. See, I told you it was worth the $10! (I also used it as a basic guide for Hudson’s shark costume).

The Dress.
The little green dress was made using ruffle fabric I bought in the LA fabric district, and I think it only cost me $8/yard at that time. It’s more expensive now, but so is everything. I trimmed the neck and arm holes with stretch lace and it’s a very cute look. I’m hoping this dress gets more than one-time use, because it’s really cute on it’s own.

This was my first time sewing with ruffle fabric and I learned something very important: always cut this fabric with the ruffles facing out! I thought it would be easier to cut with the wrong side out, but then I couldn’t tell if the ruffles were laying down correctly. I cut some ruffles in the wrong place as a result.

The Jacket. 
The dress was also cut using the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. I curved the waist line as I always do when making a dress or cardigan out of this pattern, and cut the front piece straight down the middle to make it like an open cardigan. The jacket is trimmed with lace from my Grandma’s famous stash I’ve told you so much about, and it ties at the neck with some ribbon.

But what is it made of, you ask?? It’s a sparkly green mesh I found at JoAnne’s right before Halloween and it’s FABULOUS! It makes the whole outfit perfect.  The mesh was easy to sew with and brings me back to one of my favorite things about sewing: experimentation. I love using new things and new techniques. The less I know, the better. I just go for it and hope for the best! This time my experiment turned really worked.

The cherry on top of this whole shebang are the wings and Abby’s crown. The fairy wings were a gift from my sister-in-law extraordinaire for Abby’s 2nd birthday and my mother-in-law bought her the Tinkerbell crown and candy bag at Disneyland. Those two ladies are so fantastic.

 My favorite thing about this outfit is Abby in it. It all came together and made our family Halloween so special. Which is great because, to be honest, Halloween is not my favorite time of year. I think the costumes are fun but it is NOT FUN to be walking around with little ones on Halloween who take skeletons hanging from trees and Freddy Kruger claws very seriously. I’m having a deep and serious debate in my heart whether we should even do Halloween next year because the kids were so freaked. I know they will get older and grow out of it, but really, do I want them to “grow out” of innocence just yet? I don’t think so, no. They have their whole lives for that.

Anway, I’m just sharing my honest mommy-heart and I know I’m not alone. We all love our kids and want their best. I’m sure I’ll keep sewing costumes for my kids, even if we don’t go trick or treating next year.

With that very random turn in the conversation I’ll end this post. I think what Abby will remember about Halloween are the sparkles and her wings and the fact that she got to wear lipstick. What little girl wouldn’t?


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