A normal/special Easter

I know Easter has already come and gone, but this is a significant season for us and I don’t want to let it pass without a single mention here.

Most years we spend Easter with family, eating as much ham and mashed potatoes as we can, buttering up our rolls, and hunting for Easter eggs in the back yard. The house is usually filled with good smells, laughter, and the sound of my children trying to maintain their position as center of the universe. (This position is very important to them at all times).

Unfortunately, this year my husband worked three days in a row over the holiday and since these are 12-hour shifts I was pretty exhausted when Easter arrived. It just wasn’t in me to meet up with family without my man to help wrangle the kids and carry pots of hot food. So Easter turned into a small affair at our home with just the kids, my husband either sleeping or working, and my brother to keep us from being totally lame.

CailaMade Easter: read about Hudson’s shirt here, and Abby’s dress here.

It was a really great day in all, if you don’t count the thrown-together quesadilla’s for lunch. (They were actually pretty good!). We started the morning in a great green field with our church family, watching a HELICOPTER drop Easter eggs onto the grass. The kids won’t forget THAT any time soon!

Later (after the epic quesadillas) my brother took the kids on a walk for a couple hours so I could finish my Sew-Vivor project, because he is a super hero. When they returned, Abby put on her Peplum Drummer Jacket and leggings and let Kyle (my afore-mentioned super hero brother) get the cutest pictures of her EVER.  My favorites are actually some of these out takes:

I love this silly girl!

Later, my brother and I took the kids to a restaurant for dinner and let them watch Netflix on our phones while we talked. Parenting 101, right? IPHONES. NETFLIX.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, even if it was a bit like every other day. It reminded me of why we celebrate this season, and the Hero of the Resurrection, because if that story tells us anything it is this:

God’s love is powerful and without bounds. He will do anything, ANYTHING, to show us we are valuable and loved. I let that assurance wrap around me on Sunday and remind me that no matter what happens I am living a precious life. I will not waste it.

Anyway. That was my Easter, special but normal, just like the rest of my life. I like it that way. How was yours?


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    We had a quiet Easter too celebrating with Melissa. Missed being with you guys but understand the idea of working, daddying/mommying, husbanding/wifeing, trying to fit in sleeping, and everything else that goes along with. Looking forward to this Saturday and Sunday to garage sale/belated birthday celebration/belated Easter goodies! Kyle took some AWESOME pics of Abby!

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    our 4 year old came down with some stomach thing Easter weekend, so ours was pretty low key too. Never made it to church, did a quick egg hunt before it started drizzling, and then took a random drive in the afternoon to get the kids to nap. Suuuuper exciting….haha.

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    So happy you had a sweet day! Ours was different than normal this year too but like you said, it’s all about our Hero, king Jesus! Great post!