A Dress in the Works

Or, What I Wore on Sunday…

(I did not make this shirt! Just want to make that clear. I’m using it as a pattern for more,  even awesom-er shirts.)

Who knows what I should really name this post? The real point is that I’m working on some dresses right now from a pattern I traced using this orange shirt. Isn’t it divine?

I scored it at Marshalls (T.J. Max) over the weekend and turned it into a pattern that night. I’ve started doing that every time I find and item of clothing that fits really well.

Here I am being a goof while my husband takes my picture. These moments always make me feel awkward, so I try to compensate by being a weirdo.

I also scored those hot red pumps at Marshals for $20. I even wore them to church and survived the walk in and the walk out. They feel okay on my feet, but I need to go to finishing school or something to learn how to walk in them. I’m a TOMS girl, usually.

You can’t tell, but this “skirt” is actually the first dress I made from this top. Shhh…

I love this black and gray striped fabric, but it’s really slinky and see-through, so I have to wear something under it–or, over it!

Here is a really TERRIBLE picture I took late at night while sketching the pattern. This is the back.

I only made the pattern as long as the shirt, and I just add on when cutting out a dress. The dresses are coming along okay, but definitely not good enough to show you on here.

I just thought I’d give you a little peak at my process, and hopefully I’ll have some cute dresses to show you soon.

Thanks for reading!