A Day in LA {the Textile Show and Fabric District}

A couple of days ago I spent a day prancing around the LA Fabric district and the semi-anual Los Angeles International Textile Show. Whew, it was exhausting but such a fun day.

The Textile Show (convention) was held at the California Market Center, just blocks from the heart of the fabric district. So, naturally, I always plan my trips so I can hit both these magnificent locations on the same day. I’m really pretty lucky, because there were a slew of people checking in from places like Arizona and all I had to do was drive an hour down the freeway. One reason why living in Southern California is awesome. 🙂

I have some fun pics to show you from the Convention, but before I do, here’s a tip on parking. If you ever visit the LA Textile Show you do not need to park in their underground parking garage. At the time of this post, the cost of parking in the underground garage was $15.00 for the day. They validate for free parking if you purchase something at the show, but since that wasn’t the case for me this year I found a lot three blocks away and parked for $3.75. I was pretty proud of myself until I saw another lot for $3.00. But whatevs. I always park in the rooftop parking lot off on Wall and 9th street. It’s safe, it’s up high and it’s a place I’m familiar with. None of that creepy parking-behind-buildings-with-scary-alleyways nonsense for me.

The Textile Show is a place where buyers convene to view and order fabric from various, innumerable, manufacturers. When I’m selling fabric, this is where I order it. Yesterday I attended the show as a blogger rather than a buyer. I wanted to see what new lines are coming up from my favorite designers and I wanted to tell you all about it. (By the way, the show is open to the public but it costs money unless you are a registered buyer, meaning you need to have a sellers permit.)

The layout of the California Market Center can be a little overwhelming the first time you enter. Although they provide a map of the vendors, I didn’t find it very helpful and had to ask for directions a couple times. I stopped by the booths of a couple big-name fabric designers, like Robert Kaufman and Alexander Henry, but spent most of my time with Michael Miller. I’d like to order from them at some point so I took the time to become familiar with what they have coming up.

Their sales rep was very friendly and told me that PUL (a water-proof fabric for making raincoats, cloth diaper covers and wet bags, etc.) is very popular right now and they will be providing many more lines in the coming future. Laminates are also big right now. But my favorites are always just those soft, plain ole’ cotton prints.

Here are some of my favs from the Michael Miller booth. (Sorry for the bad photos. I only had my iPhone with me and the lighting was bad).

Madrona Road by Michael Miller

Check out this VW bus print. It’s so new, they didn’t even have it with the fabric swatches on the wall; it’s still just a color card.

I love it. “We Come in Peace.” Those are aliens in the bus. Absolutely awesome.

After perusing the Michel Miller booth, to be honest, I just got bored with the textile show. It’s not as fun looking at fabric when you’re not going to buy any. 🙂 So I headed back down the elevator and out the door to the crisp LA air and the fabric district.

I had a lunch of peanut butter and jelly looking at the Tiara Cafe (a “nourishment boutique,” I’m not even kidding). I’m such a mom.

Then I shopped around and found these:

A rainbow of cottons to sew with. I’m seeing spring and summer dresses for Abby. Ooh, I can’t wait!

All in all it was a great day. My brother met up with me (he’s SO much fun) and I just enjoyed a day doing one of the things I love best. Fabric biz.

(In fact, my brother and I cooked up something special for you, but it’s not ready yet. Let’s just say it has something to do with LA and the fabric district. Can’t wait to let you in on the secret. Tata for now!)


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    Eeek! Madrona Road is my fabric collection and I am thrilled that you picked it out of everything at the show to photograph and post. Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I understand your frustration about not being able to buy right away. The shows are so hard in that way. Hopefully it will be in stores VERY SOON 🙂

    I didn’t even know they were showing it at the LA Textile show, so this was a very nice surprise! Thank you, thank you!

    • says

      Oh my, how exciting to see your comment here! What an honor. 🙂 I LOVED the pictures I saw of Madrona Road! I can’t wait until it’s in stores and I can get my hands on some. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! Good luck with this and all your future fabric collections!