A Coral and Navy Nora Dress

I interrupt the Christmas red that is no doubt bombarding your blog list to bring you… Coral! Yes, my favorite summer of color has made an appearance in my sewing room again. I just couldn’t say no. I tried reeeeeally hard to make a Christmas Nora Dress, you guys! I just couldn’t. The summer bug bit me again and although we aren’t even to Christmas yet (sheesh) I’m already making plans for summer sewing.

You can take the girl out of summer, but you can’t take summer out of the girl. 

Good thing we live in Southern California and can take pictures outside in the sunshine, right?

My two subtle nods to the Season are the classic crocheted lace (from my Grandma’s stash. Pretty awesome, huh?), and the sleeves. Yeah, they might be short sleeves but they are still sleeves! Anything with more than a bare shoulder is Fall/Winter apparel in my book.

Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House released the Nora Dress pattern a couple of months ago, and just hosted a fabulous blog tour on her blog to show off all the different options. I was scheduled to post last week in the tour, but my poor Abby-girl was sick and we had no time for pictures. After the last scare, I’m being really careful with her. She was born five weeks early you know, and I’ve noticed that her little body takes sickness really hard. My boys bounce back from a cold in two days, whereas she struggles for a week. She’s a fighter, though, and her health is back to normal now. I just hope it stays that way!

Anyway, back to the Nora. It’s super adorable and unique (that peter pan collar! that bow!) and comes with multiple options. I can’t wait to sew the tunic version next. I found the sizing to be spot on, although I sewed a size 4 for Abby which is clearly too big for her in the shoulders and neck. But I’m becoming one of those people who sews large clothes for her kids because of how alarmingly fast they grow. I can’t keep this girl in dresses. She is outgrowing all of them! And so the size 4 sewing has begun.

For the body of the dress I used a buttery linen with beautiful drape from Tex Carmel in the LA Fabric District. (Psst, you can see a video of me in that store on YouTube!) The collar was made using Domino Dot in Navy, which came in my swag bag from the LA Fabric Weekend I went on last Spring. I love that whole line, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft.

As I mentioned before, the lace came from my Grandmother’s stash and I am so thankful for it. I used to sew with it a lot more and then I realized that one day it would be GONE. I stopped using it for about a year, and just now decided that quality linen and a Nora dress was reason enough to bust out the fancy. It’s so beautiful, you guys.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back over the next couple of days with some fun gift round ups and holiday wishes. I hope you’re all having a fabulous time gearing up for the holidays. Much love to you and yours!


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    That collar and bow speak Christmas to me! And I think Coral is one of those things that are allowed into any season of the year. This dress is finished beautifully with the lace from the Stash – it’s fabulous!

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    I adore this SO SO much and I just shared it on my facebook page. Both of Ainsley’s Christmas dresses are non Christmas colors and I am so happy about it. But I love coral and navy together and might have to copy you!

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    This is really beautiful, Caila. Maybe my favorite Norah so far?! I saw a quote on Pinterest a while back about not saving anything for a special occasion. Use the lace as much as you’re inspired to, and I’ll do the same with my vintage zippers. 😉

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    This is so beautiful and perfect, Caila! Love the non-traditional colors and the lace is just amazing. Merry Christmas to your family!!!!